Reagan Boggs

Regan BoggsTrue country music is alive and well; it just doesn’t always take up residence in downtown Nashville. Kingsport’s Reagan Boggs writes the sort of songs that country audiences would love if they had the chance to hear them. She can put across a fine commercial country-sounding number (check out the catchy “Catching Up On Doing Nothing” and “Next Time Around”), but is no lightweight when it comes to serious songs.

From frightening opening track “Ready to Run” (children waiting out an alcoholic father’s abuse of their mother) to earthy stories that Darrell Scott or Dave Alvin would’ve been proud to have penned, Boggs establishes herself as an important new songwriter. Add to that that she nails classic country-sounding numbers, including “Mixed Signals” and the title cut, with a voice that sounds similar to circa-1970s Linda Ronstadt, and you have one heck of musical package.Wayne Bledsoe – Knoxville News

“Reagan Boggs is a fantastic songwriter, and powerful singer. ‘The Graves’ (track 9) is brilliant, edgy Americana and ‘Mixed Signals’ (track 10) sounds like the Ronstadt repertoire from 1973. This disc may be your most pleasant discovery of the year!”Rob Reinhart – Acoustic Café

Reagan Boggs has the kind of rich, sweet voice that you can’t get enough of. She comes from a place that is steeped in country music tradition and now she’s carrying it on. Like Patty Loveless or Alison Krauss, she’s a country singer who sounds like one.“- Larry Groce – Mountain Stage

I have just become Reagan Boggs number one FAN! This imagery ridden album paints amazing pictures of love, living and home. She puts you in her head with every single line that is sung from a soft angelic voice that melts your heart . . . I love the low key acoustic production of this CD. It accomplishes the task of allowing you to appreciate the stories told and the vocal talent this woman possesses. There seems to be a wide variety of talent displayed in this CD starting from the lead singer on down to each individual musician that participated in this luxurious sound. I found myself escaping to a multitude of places and romances during the 45 minutes I sat listening to this album and was left wanting more. Every single time you listen to the CD you find something that you didn’t hear the time before, revealing one haunting ghostly image after the next. So true to life that I found myself asking was this real or did I hear it in a dream?

After trying many times to find something that I would change, and failing to do so, I decided this is about as close to perfect as an album can get. I rate this 4 ¾ guitars. I would have given it a 5, but thought I might be a bit biased since this album nails the blue grassy, Americana genre that is my favorite!Rebecca Hosking – Music News Nashville

For singer-songwriter Reagan Boggs, her sultry looks might help her get listeners to sit up and take notice, but her heartfelt songs will keep them riveted throughout the show . . . As far as comparisons go, Boggs’ flexible alto sound is at times reminiscent of Trisha Yearwood minus the over-the-top delivery. Her years spent in rock and blues bands give her more rocking tracks a genuine feeling while her grasp of patient country phrasing makes her slow songs ache with emotion.” – David Brewer – High Country News

With a voice that sounds straddles the fence between traditional country and the folk rock of Linda Ronstadt in her prime, Boggs finds a way to reach the listener with heartfelt lyrics and a tone that is both strong yet vulnerable . . . Boggs’ music could easily be defined as country-rock, alternative-country, Americana, or straight-ahead country, depending on the song and the listener. The same quality that makes her music hard to pigeonhole into any particular genre gives it a timeless quality.” – Jeff Eason – The Mountain Times

Reagan Boggs is one of those lucky artists who stand a chance of breaking into the pop/country market on her own terms and conditions. Smooth but still rocking, her album Never Looking Behind certainly stands apart in its slick but not overproduced sound (none of those “Shania the robot” bloops and bleeps), confident playing and well-conceived lyrics . . . Boggs delivers her tunes in a comfortable, matter-of-fact voice that never resorts to grandstanding and doesn’t have to. There’s no faking the sound of knowing who you are as an artist, and there’s no need to throw a bunch of fancy goop on songs that don’t need it . . . Never Looking Behind is a thoughtful collection of songs that simply work and leave the listener hopeful that there are more artists out there interested in redeeming the country genre by simply being able to sound like themselves.” – Chris Cooper – Smoky Mountain News

Reagan Boggs is a singer/songwriter, a story teller. Her latest CD, Never Looking Behind, is a collection of country/folk/Americana music designed to take the listener on a journey through small towns and life in general. We travel with Reagan through the ups and downs she sings about . . .There is no doubt that Reagan has been influenced by many styles of music. Country, folk, bluegrass, and blues are all represented here. Reagan blends these genres to create a style and sound all her own. As good as these songs are, they probably won’t see much radio airplay, at least on the Top-40 country stations, which is a shame. These songs are thinking people’s songs, not mindless pop-oriented material. Regardless of whether or not the songs get on the radio, this is a CD to pick up. – Mary L. Duval – International Country Music Database


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