Sons of Dixie


Sons of Dixie (previously Black Hat) was established by founders Larry Gothard and Kenny Storie in 2002. The musical group Black Hat has been actively performing throughout the Tri-Cities of East Tennessee and the Western regions of North Carolina and Virginia since its founding. The band has toured and performed at festivals, arenas, concert halls, fraternal and private venues as well as many dance clubs and places of musical entertainment. Black Hat has always enjoyed many past special guest appearances by other artists and their instrument of choice through the years.

Presently the band has 4 members who are:

Kenny Storie – Vocals, Guitar
Larry Gothard – Vocals, Drums
Neil Purdy – Vocals, Guitar
Larry Lawson – Vocals, Bass

Currently in 2015, the band is busy meeting show dates around the many venues in the Tri-Cities of East Tennessee.

Sons of Dixie


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