Beth Snapp

Beth SnapI try to write songs that we’ve all felt at one point. I try to leave a little bit of my life on the table. I try to sing as relaxed as I wish life was.

Music has always been a part of Beth Snapp’s life; she was humming tunes before she could even speak. She was exposed to music through her family who sang three part harmony and she began picking up on it at an early age while growing up in Northeast Tennessee. She began playing piano at age six but her turning point was at age 15, when she taught herself how to play guitar. She then began playing locally and has since expanded to festivals and more intimate venues in other cities.

Beth, a BMI composer and publisher, derives influences from a variety of genres including singer-songwriters, 40’s jazz, blues, and even hip hop (which can be noted in her beat-driven melodies and quick word play). She says her real passion lies in songwriting, which she began when she was 18 as somewhat of a coping mechanism to life. She bases her lyrics off of experiences of herself and others, observations of the human conditions, and really anything that comes to her. Songwriting is simply her form of journaling.

Her album, which she expects to start production in mid 2012, will host a variety of songs that relate to different events in her life. “That Can’t Be Me” was a response to the fact that her coldness toward a person in her life was out of character for her, and the song in a sense was the realization of her true character. “Something Tells Me” was written to her current boyfriend. “I may not really know or understand the idea of grace, but you loving me despite all my flaws must be something like it,” is the main idea behind the song’s lyrics. “Not That Kind” is her unwritten letter to herself, giving herself permission to give up on a hopeless situation.

Beth’s vocals, lyrics, and melodies blend together beautifully into a distinctive acoustic experience. She delivers a unique singer songwriter feel that is not only crisp and flowing, but unpredictable and truly a testament to her talent. Her powerful chords and vocals showcase her undeniable lyrical talent.

Caroline Snapp, University of Tennessee’s The Daily Beacon


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