The Whiskey Incident

The Whiskey Incident stands alone in it’s own unique sound:

  • The songs will make you think, laugh, cry and take you back in time… not to downplay the rhythm that will get you out your seat.
  • This band truly has everything. The songs will be stuck in your head for days, but you won’t mind.
  • This quality of music can be found in East Tennessee: where some of the greatest music off all-time was born.
  • Their eclectic sound ranges from experimental indie rock, americana/roots music, honky-tonk and everything in-between.
  • The band members could all stand alone and still keep you entertained for days. Imagine what they could all do together…

You have it here: The Whiskey Incident.

Recommended for fans of The Rolling Stones, Drive-By Truckers, Uncle Tupelo, [br] The Replacements Old 97’s and Whiskeytown.

Whiskey Incident


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